Monday, 7 May 2012

The Wiser? Wiseman?

Being wise ain't just about you acting and thinking using the mind that the Creator gave you. Being able to realise about the Creator itself is being wise. Look at your surrounding, look around, if you're able to identify how do you sees every single thing around, you are wise enough to evaluate yourself. However, realising without performing a wise act as an reaction, is still low.

A friend of mine once said:

"I felt pity to the pitier so was the concerns.. which was its true that humanity only profound manners n concerns,

a beliefs or rituals passed on in gazillions of cycles since Adam, congrats to the 'world' but 'faggit' mankind... 

An application achievements of wasteful gift gazed upon the Creator to you.. Boohooo.. ;)

where else, despite being total responsible..mankind do denies awareness of getting their agile perception correct.

So focus on generating & discriminating doubts in forms of questions but lack of due diligence in completing the right answers to the questions they've thrown.." like a Yak! Lols.. ;p

It is being bold, then also misconductively drawn by lack of own act of arrogance, egoisticly ignorant & low possesive judgement. 

Where does the Wisdom went? Huh?!?

So, thanks for the grace shared but... 
No thanks!~~

So, think about it, wiseman. =)

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